Clientside Package Management:

Less Work,
More Awesome

an introduction to bower

what does getting jQuery look like for you?

how bower helps

the future

get yo

get the generator



open localhost:8000/index.htm

wonder if there's a weather plugin?

no cloning, no copying, just ask

sprinkle on some html

sweet, lets use it

call weather and update the page

get our current location and run the function

boom done


why a client-side package manager

using client-side tools should be easy

bower makes it awesome!


installation via manifest file

editing the manifest file

targeting versions

adding to the manifest file

you can manually edit the bower.json file, you just don't have to


in fact, bower helps out with that

the power of bower.json

just a package manager

say what you want, bower gets it

plays well with others


bower in action v2

add the showdown dependency as well as the markdown javascript file

add a dependency on the btford.markdown module

specify we want to parse item using btf-markdown

add some markdown

looking ahead

what's coming up in bower?

hosted packages

more faster

André Cruz & Marco Oliveira are heading up a rewrite of bower

the regular stuff

contributing to bower