A New Chapter at Bazaarvoice

After two years at Bocoup, one of the open web‘s most impressive, impactful, and capable companies, I’m starting a new chapter in my career at Bazaarvoice. It‘s been two years of incredible growth, insight, and comradery – and I’ll miss it dearly.

I‘m incredibly excited about my new role at Bazaarvoice. While my title is “Senior Front End Engineer”, I’m pretty sure it should be “That New Person Figuring Out How It All Works” for a while. However, I'm eager to work on such a large-scale, far-reaching product and gain the experience of working with even more incredibly capable engineers.

I‘d say it’s a big change, but then again, I'm still working for a company that starts with b and in a city that rhymes with “Boston” (Austin) – so, you know, baby steps.