November 26, 2013

A New Chapter at Bazaarvoice

After two years at Bocoup, one of the open web‘s most impressive, impactful, and capable companies, I’m starting a new chapter in my career at Bazaarvoice. It‘s been two years of incredible growth, insight, and comradery – and I’ll miss it dearly.


April 02, 2011

Making Then a Little More Useful

Edit 04.06.2011: This feature is now a part of jQuery 1.6 (commit bb99899c) and called .always.

The introduction of Deferreds into jQuery in 1.5 is quite a handy feature. Particularly, being able to make an ajax request and assign callbacks onto the returned jqXHR.


April 01, 2011

jQuery Plugin: .serializeForm()

More often than not, you want an object of your form data to send to the server. Some frameworks make heavy use of input names like data[ModelName][attribute], as well as the common choices[] format for multiple form elements. I needed a way to get that same nested format into an object I could send to the server in an $.ajax call, so I made one.


February 13, 2011

Merging jQuery Deferreds and .animate()

[2013-10-01: This is still informative, but animate now does this (and more) and .sub() is deprecated.]

jQuery’s animate method, and the shorthand methods that use it, are fantastic tools to create animations. Creating animations that link together to achieve a particular effect, and do something specific at the end of the animation, can be a painful, messy task. Luckily, we have .queue() for mashing animations together.


January 15, 2011

Duck-punching jQuery UI and the Widget Factory

jQuery UI is a great user-interface library for jQuery. It has some great plugins with a fantastic set of options that allow you to perform all kinds of UI tasks like dialog boxes, tabs, draggable/droppable and more. The CSS framework of jQuery UI is designed to provide an easy path to change the appearance of the various widgets and their respective components.